Brian Castrucci DrPh MA

President and CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation

Health Equity Island Jurisdictions Public Health Workforce

378: PH Losing People, History Impacts Equity

March 16, 2023

Dr. Brian Castrucci, CEO and President of the de Beaumont Foundation, talks about data that shows public health is on track to lose 130,000 people by 2025; an ASTHO blog article discusses how colonialism, military presence, …

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376: Dire Workforce Prediction, PH Tech Talk

March 14, 2023

Dr. Brian Castrucci, President and CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation, says workforce data indicates public health agencies could lose nearly 130,000 employees by 2025;  J.T. Lane, ASTHO’s Senior Vice President for Population…

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236: Optimistic About the PH Workforce

Aug. 8, 2022

Joanne Pearsol, ASTHO’s Director of Workforce Development, says the PH WINS survey shows many public health workers remain committed to their work despite the way they’ve been treated during the pandemic; Dr. Brian Castrucci…

Social And Behavioral Health Public Health Workforce ACEs Women, Infant, And Family Health

234: PH WINS Survey Released

Aug. 4, 2022

Dr. Brian Castrucci, de Beaumont Foundation President and CEO, discusses the concerning results of the latest PH Wins Survey of nearly 45,000 public health workers across the nation;  ASTHO is teaming with the Association of…

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149: Health Equity - Public Health Week

April 4, 2022

Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, says health equity impacts every public health consideration; the 2022 Preparedness Summit begins in Atlanta; data collection for the 2022 A…

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148: Public Health Under Attack

April 1, 2022

Dr. Brian Castrucci, CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation, says the results of a national survey of public health workers indicate a workforce under attack; Morning Edition shares plans to cover National Public Health Week star…

COVID-19 Public Health ASTHO Halloween Holidays

57: COVID Tricks on Halloween

Oct. 29, 2021

Dr. Brian Castrucci, President and CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation, explains how public health departments can use upcoming data from the PH Wins workforce study fielded by his organization and ASTHO; Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff,…

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54: PH Workforce Crisis

Oct. 26, 2021

Dr. Brian Castrucci, President and CEO of the non-profit de Beaumont Foundation, considers the public health workforce crisis; Dr. Kristina Box, Indiana’s State Health Commissioner, says public health departments can help re…