Racism And Public Health Episodes

Health Equity Racism And Public Health Juneteenth

202: Equity on Juneteenth

June 17, 2022

Dr. Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge, ASTHO’s Senior Vice President of Health Equity and Diversity Initiatives, and Dr. Arthur James, a retired OB/GYN and pediatrician, examine the steps required to achieve health equity in a webin…

Health Equity Social And Behavioral Health Injury And Violence Prevention Racism And Public Health Juneteenth Men's Health Week

200: Common Ground on Gun Violence Responses

June 15, 2022

Dr. Marcus Plescia, ASTHO Chief Medical Officer, discusses the tragedy of gun violence in America and its connection to men’s mental health; Dr. Randall Williams, Missouri’s former Health Director, talks about a book he is w…

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199: Juneteenth Webinar Examines Racism, Health Equity Link

June 14, 2022

Dr. Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge, ASTHO’s Senior Vice President of Health Equity and Diversity Initiatives, will host a discussion featuring comments from Miss Opal Lee known as the grandmother of Juneteenth, as part of a Junet…

Health Equity Social And Behavioral Health Injury And Violence Prevention Racism And Public Health

196: Gun Violence and Public Health

June 9, 2022

Dr. Mark Levine, Vermont Health Commissioner, explains how public health ought to respond to a recent spate of shootings that have left dozens dead and even more injured across the U.S.; Meighan Haupt, Chief of Staff with th…

Social And Behavioral Health Leadership And Workforce Development Racism And Public Health DELPH Mental Health Awareness Month

185: Teen Mental Health Campaign

May 24, 2022

Jill Hunsaker Ryan, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, explains the Forward Together campaign; Dr. James Bell, State Assistant Administrator for the Michigan Department of Health …

ASTHO Island Jurisdictions Racism And Public Health Washington Week Public Health Funding

127: Territories Deliver Hill Messages

Feb. 28, 2022

Dr. Esther Muña, Chief Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation in the Northern Mariana Islands, and Dr. Carlos Mellado, Secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Health, deliver key policy messages duri…

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109: Reflections on Black History Month

Feb. 1, 2022

Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, reflects on current events in the context of Black History Month, on the first day of the month-long recognition; Dr. Anne Zink, ASTHO’s President-elect,…

Health Equity Tobacco Control E-Cigarette Tobacco Public Health Workforce Racism And Public Health

108: Tackling E-Cigarettes and Flavored Tobacco Products

Jan. 31, 2022

Jan Malcolm, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health, outlines policy steps available to limit youth access to E-cigarettes and flavored tobacco products; ASTHO CEO Mike Fraser reflects on the start of Black Histo…

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100: Rethinking School Discipline Part 2

Jan. 19, 2022

Robin Matthies, Director of Public and Behavioral Health Integration at ASTHO, explains why it’s important to consider restorative justice approaches to discipline in schools; Andy Baker-White, ASTHO’s Senior Director of Sta…

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98: MLK and Health Equity

Jan. 14, 2022

ASTHO CEO Mike Fraser considers Dr. Martin Luther King’s influence on public health and his impact on the organization’s approach to equity; Dr. Alexis Travis, Michigan’s State Health Officer, tells us how the civil rights i…

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97: Announcing ASTHO’s 2022 Federal Policy Agenda

Jan. 13, 2022

Carolyn Mullen, ASTHO’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Relations, outlines the organization’s 2022 federal policy agenda and tells members what they ought to expect from Washington this year; ASTHO CE…