Emergency Powers Episodes

Emergency Preparedness Funding COVID-19 Emergency Powers Policy And Advocacy View From Washington, D.C.

379: Changes to Emergency Powers, Hill Gives ASTHO Recess Homework

March 17, 2023

Gregory Sunshine, Public Health Analyst with the Centers for Disease Control, explains how state and territorial emergency powers have shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic; and Carolyn Mullen, ASTHO Senior Vice President of …

COVID-19 Overdose Prevention Opioids Emergency Powers Policy And Advocacy

348: WSJ on Fentanyl Dangers, COVID Emergency Ending

Feb. 1, 2023

Julie Wernau, Health and Science Reporter at The Wall Street Journal, has been reporting on the opioid crisis for more than a year but says it’s still a difficult story to write; Andy Baker-White, ASTHO Senior Director of St…

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120: Supporting Public Health Authority

Feb. 16, 2022

Margret Cooke, Massachusetts Commissioner of Public Health, examines the value of public health authority when responding to a public health emergency; Alison Beam, Pennsylvania’s former acting Secretary of Health, says the …